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 Many older South Australian homes contain asbestos in some form or another. Controlled Demolition is well experienced and qualified to undertake a full inspection of your home to asses the level of asbestos located within roofs, ceilings, walls and other areas of your home. 

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  •  Demolition Machinery Adelaide
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  •  House Demolition Adelaide
  •  Control, manage and removal of non-friable asbestos

Adelaide House Demolition


 We understand that building a new home in Adelaide could be a stressful time and that is why we pride ourselves in our house Demolition Adelaide service and care to ensure the demolition is done fast, affordable and safe. With our extensive demolition equipment and expertise, we will walk you through our plan and give you a time frame for Controlled demolition Adelaide to stick to throughout the house demolition.  


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Controlled Demolition Adelaide has over 30 years experience in the demolition and construction industry; equipped with extensive machinery and resources to tackle both commercial and residential demolition projects.

Controlled Demolition Adelaide has extensive experience in monitoring, managing and removing non-friable asbestos on both commercial and residential demolitions contracts. 


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